We have the world’s largest dinosaur footprints

Australia has a rich archaeological history and the world’s largest dinosaur footprints can be found on the north coast of Broome in Western Australia. At 1.7m long, these fossilised dinosaur footprints are 130 million years old and extend in patches for 80km along the coast. Travellers with budding palaeontologists in the family can head to the National Dinosaur Museum (pictured) – a 15-minute drive north of Canberra city. It’s a must for its massive collection of interactive dinosaurs, skeletons and fossils. Or visit the Australian Age of Dinosaurs exhibition in Winton Queensland to see the skeletons of three dinosaurs found in the area, and watch palaeontologists at work or join in the fun with a prep-a-dino package.
Picture: Visit Canberra